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Vac-con service manual

Lochinvar 000 – 500 on manualslib. Save this manual for future reference. Water Heater Lochinvar RESIDENTIAL ELECTRIC WATER HEATER Instruction Manual 2. Page 2: Vac-con service manual Of Contents Pump Operation .

Page 4 Please read before proceeding To minimize the possibility of serious WARNING personal injury, fire, or damage to your appliance, never violate the following safety rules: 1. Boilers and water heaters are heat producing appliances. To avoid damage or injury, do not store materials against the appliance or the vent-air intake system. CBN315 CBN360 CBN399 CBN500 Maximum allowed working pressure is located on the rating plate. The ratings are based on standard test procedures prescribed by the United States Department of Energy. CWN090 CWN135 CWN180 CWN199 CWN225 CWN270 CWN315 CWN360 CWN399 CWN500 Maximum allowed working pressure is located on the rating plate. Use only the vent materials and methods specified in the Installation and Service Manual.

Page 7: The Copper-fin –how It Works 13. The temperature gauge monitors the inlet temperature of the water heater as well as the outlet temperature. Transformer The transformer reduces 120 VAC supply voltage to 24 VAC for the control circuit. Page 10: Clearances From Combustible Construction Clearances from combustible construction NOTICE are noted on the appliance rating plate. Page 11: Combustion And Ventilation Air Determine boiler location Combustion and ventilation air requirements for conventionally vented appliances Provisions for combustion and ventilation air must be in accordance with the latest edition of the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.

Page 14 Venting distance vent terminal build ings, windows that open and building open ings MUST comply with the latest edition of the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223. 1, in Canada, the latest edition of CGA Standard B149 In stal la tion Code for Gas Burn ing Appliances and Equipment. Locate appliance as close as possible to a chimney or gas vent. Horizontal por tions of the venting system shall be supported to prevent sagging. Masonry Chimney Installation A masonry chimney must be properly sized for the installation of a gas fired appliance.

Venting of an appliance into a cold or oversized masonry chimney can result in op er a tion al and safety problems. Automatic vent dampers are not required or fur nished on potable water heaters. Page 19: Gas Supply, Gas Pressure Test, Gas Connection LP Gas 0. Page 21: Gas Manifold Pressure Adjustment Procedure Gas connections WHEN FLANGE IS USED APPLY WRENCH TO FLANGE ONLY Figure 3-2_Wrench For L. Typical Heating Boiler Installations Hydronic piping A water flow switch meets most code re quire ments for a low-water cut off device on boil ers requiring forced cir cu la tion for operation.