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User manual zte blade

ZTE Blade User User manual zte blade Zte mobile phone. Page 2: Legal Information ZTE Corporation.

The manual is published by ZTE Corporation. 15 Product Handling 16 General Statement on Handling and Use. Page 4: Table Of Contents Electrical Safety. 20 Connection to a Car .

20 Faulty and Damaged Products . 21 Hearing Aids 21 Medical Devices22 Hospitals . Page 5: Table Of Contents Getting Around BLADE . 31 Touch Control31 Home Screen 32 Status and Notification Icons. 34 Applications and Settings Preview 36 Phone Calls 41 How to Make Calls 41 Calling from the Dialer. 41 Calling from Your Contacts . 41 Calling from Your Call History .

42 Calling from a Text Message. Page 6: Table Of Contents Import Contacts from the SIM Card or Export to the Card . 47 Import Contacts from the microSD Card or Export to the Card . 48 Creating a Contact 48 Adding a Contact to Favorites . Page 7: Table Of Contents Email 61 Creating an Email account.

61 Composing and sending an Email 62 Replying to or Forwarding an Email. 65 Turning on Wi-Fi 66 Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network . 67 Checking the Wi-Fi Network Status . 67 Using the Phone as a Modem .