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User manual for oneplus one

Page 3: Thank You Welcome Thank You! It represents a tangible commitment to our user manual for oneplus one to build devices we want to use ourselves. Page 4: What’s In The Box What’s in The Box size:74.

Page 6: Alert Slider Alert Slider The Alert Slider allows you to effortlessly switch between None 3 notification profiles without having to take your phone out of your Disables all notifications pocket. Up to 5 unique fingerprint profiles can be stored at any given time. Colors are more vivid and true-to-life than ever before and a series of custom-engineered gamma corrections create a more natural viewing experience, while a dual-polarizing layer ensures ideal clarity. Page 9: Camera Smile Capture eliminates the need for awkward arm-reaching. Dynamic De-noise compares several frames of the same photo and blends them together to reduce noise and improve clarity, instantly. Page 10 Dual SIM Card Tray There’s no need to lug around two phones or change out your SIM cards while traveling. Stay connected to two networks, simultaneously!

Instructions: The SIM tray ejector found in the box is used to remove the SIM tray from the device. Page 11: Dash Charge Dash Charge Dash Charge sets the new benchmark for quick charging solutions. Page 13: Oxygen Os OxygenOS OxygenOS strikes a perfect balance between power and simplicity. It is clean, comfortable, and easy to use right out of the box. OxygenOS also includes an array of robust power features. From the launcher, swipe right to reveal Shelf, our user-friendly deck feature that neatly presents frequently used apps, favorite contacts, widgets and more. Page 16 Customization OxygenOS features a native dark mode that makes for a pleasant viewing experience.

Change your accent color from the customization page under settings to express your personal style. OxygenOS also supports custom icons packs in almost every format, allowing you to drastically alter the look and feel of your device. Page 17 App permissions Security is a huge focus of OxygenOS. App Permissions allow you to control what information and permissions your apps can access, like location, identity, contacts and more.

Don’t want a particular app to bother you with notifications or access your location? Customize their permissions in the apps page, found under settings. Page 18 Messenger To send an SMS, launch the Messenger application on your home screen or application drawer. Enter the name or phone number in the field or select someone from your contacts. Type your message, then For an MMS, in the Messenger application, select the media you want to add .

Page 19 Dialer Tap the on your home Screen or application drawer and use the dialer to make phone calls manually, or tap any contact card from the Speed Dial list to quickly dial that contact. Select a phone number from Contacts, an e-mail, or a text message to make a call. Contacts are automatically added to your Speed Dial list based on frequency of use. Collections are created automatically for images from different sources, so you won’t have to lift a finger to stay organized. Our simple editing mode is easy to use and is equipped with all the essentials such as resize, crop, and a drawing tool for endless fun.

Page 21 A brand-new home-baked music player optimized for offline use is also available out of the box. Page 23 Only qualified and authorized personnel should perform repairs to this product. Please do not attempt to repair, disassemble or modify the battery. Do not place or use battery near fires, heaters, direct sunlight, or other heat sources. Prolonged exposure to heat may cause battery leakage, explosions, or fires. Features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi consume more power, please disable these features when you phone is not in use. Safety should take priority when you are operating a vehicle.