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User guide apple watch series 1

This message will only be visible if you user guide apple watch series 1 it disabled. Apple Watch Not Charging How to Fix? Apple WatchOS 4 Features Guide and Tutorial – Apple watchOS 4 was announced at WWDC 2017, June 5. Apple Watch Series 3 Manual – The Apple Watch Series 3 to come out in September 2017, a year after the Series 2.

Interactive Notifications Make your app notifications more interactive with customized controls that let users take actions directly within the notification without opening the app. Users can check in and add the boarding pass for an upcoming flight or update time or party size for a restaurant reservation, right from within the notification. Access to the Siri Watch Face Siri uses machine learning and relevance algorithms to understand inputs, past behavior, and routines associated with your app’s users in order to show timely content or provide Siri Shortcuts — right when they’re needed. To take action, users can simply raise their wrist and tap the Siri watch face or say customized commands to Siri. New Background Mode Audio apps can now run in the background.

Audio Controls Add audio controls within your app to let users easily adjust the volume and skip, pause, or resume play. Enhanced Workout Session APIs A new workout API simplifies workout app development, ensures improved data accuracy, and enables more robust app performance. Parkinson’s Disease Research An upcoming API will give developers and researchers access to custom algorithms based on accelerometer and gyroscope data so they can create tools that help doctors and patients better understand patients’ tremor and dyskinesia symptoms in response to treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. Download SDKs and beta operating systems for all Apple platforms. Browse the latest documentation including API reference, articles, and sample code. See the latest in Apple technologies presented at WWDC and other events. Ask questions and discuss development topics with Apple engineers and other developers.