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Tc max user guide

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Permission is granted to distribute this document without any alteration under the terms of the HSQLDB license. Additional permission is granted to the HSQL Development Group to distribute this document with or without alterations under the terms of the HSQLDB license. SQL defined by SQL standards 92, 1999, 2003, 2008 and 2011. This means where a feature of the standard is supported, e. Almost all syntactic features of SQL-92 up to Advanced Level are supported, as well as SQL:2011 core and many optional features of this standard.

Work is in progress for a formal declaration of conformance. At the time of this release, HyperSQL supports the widest range of SQL standard features among all open source RDBMS. Various chapters of this guide list the supported syntax. HSQLDB, you should consult the supported syntax and modify the statements accordingly. Some statements written for older versions may have to be modified. Over 300 words are reserved by the standard and should not be used as table or column names.