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Soundcraft visi remote user guide

Page 2 Soundcraft is a trading division of Harman Soundcraft visi remote user guide Industries Ltd. Information in this manual is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of the vendor.

0: SNAPSHOTS, CUELISTS, GLOBAL FILTER To be included in the next revision of this manual 14. Page 4 Optional 64 channel stagebox reverbs, 7 delays and 8 pitch shifting effects, patchable With up to 48 on-board mic inputs, Vi3000 is happy to to input channels, aux outputs and channel inserts. BSS work with existing analogue multicore systems. Page 5 Ensure that these colour codings are followed carefully in the event of the plug being changed.

The internal power supply unit contains no user serviceable parts. Refer all servicing to a qualified service engineer, through the appropriate Soundcraft dealer. It is recommended that all maintenance and service on the product should be carried out by Sound- craft or its authorised agents. Soundcraft cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage caused by service, maintenance or repair by unauthorised personnel. Page 7 Equipment or the defective component should be returned to the Dealer or to Soundcraft and subject to the following conditions the Dealer or Soundcraft will repair or replace the defec- tive components. Any components replaced will become the property of Soundcraft.

Local Line Out Mic Input E. 0 QUICK START Vi3000 USER MANUAL Quick Start Guide This chapter is a pictorial guide through the main concepts and functionality of the Vi3000 console. Subsequent chapers go into these functions in more detail. 0 QUICK START Vi3000 USER MANUAL Vi3000 USER MANUAL Buttons And Encoders Ganging 3. 0 QUICK START Vi3000 USER MANUAL Vi3000 USER MANUAL Fader Pages Output Assignment 3.

0 QUICK START Vi3000 USER MANUAL Vi3000 USER MANUAL Monitoring 3. 0 QUICK START Vi3000 USER MANUAL Copy, Paste, Move, LIbrary 3. 0 QUICK START Vi3000 USER MANUAL Main Menu System Lexicon FX 3. O is located on the rear panel of the console. Monitor A and Monitor B outputs, plus the master LCR analogue outputs. Power Sockets Either socket can be used for a single supply.

There are two mains used then one is a backup. DANTE Please note, the Vi 3000 MADI local MADI and DANTE ports share an input and so are exclusive. That is, you Input and output can choose either a local MADI or DANTE input. 0 Operations Overview Vi3000 USER MANUAL 5.

DYNAMICS Vi3000 USER MANUAL Vi3000 USER MANUAL 5. 1: Conventions And Colours This manual, and the console uses certain conventions to make things significantly easier for the user. 2: Visonics II Overview Vistonics II is a unique control and display technology derived from the Studer Vistonics technology and exclusive to Soundcraft. The Vi 3000 uses Vistonics II as a core technology for console operation because of its significant user-in- terface benefits. Off If a function is assigned to a button it is displayed as shown. The ‘active’ state shows the button highlighted in a lighter colour.