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Rockford fan clutch service manual

Accessories, Options Packages,  Individual, and misc. Buying a Ascent in the Rockford fan clutch service manual area or Greater Northwest? If you like this site, please tell friends about it.

Please read – this independent, unofficial, unauthorized Subaru research site is happily created and maintained by Joe Spitz. It is designed to help you learn about Subarus. It is not sponsored, authorized, supported, paid for, or approved by Subaru or any dealer and is not connected to, affiliated with, or supported by any dealer. Inspect any car prior to purchasing. All information is always subject to change, correction, updating.

Don’t race the engine, keep RPMs under 4,000 for the most part and vary the speeds with normal mix of city and highway driving. The first oil change is required at 6000 miles or 6 months. Its recommended to check the oil between changes. Some engine oil will be consumed while driving. Under these or similar conditions, you should check your oil at least every 2nd fuel fill-up and change your engine oil more frequently.

Always let a cold engine idle as the oil circulates. Avoid hard acceleration on a cold engine. Oil and filter change:  every 6 months or 6,000 miles. Equal tread required at all corners.

90 mos service with complete fluid, filter change. 137,500 miles replace Super Coolant Radiator Fluid. The 1st replacement is 11 years, 137,500 miles, or 220,000Km. Radiator fluid is Super Coolant, with 11 year, 137,500 mile replacement schedule. The phone number is on drivers window, also on 2 wallet cards included with the owners manual.

36,000 miles covering premature wear: brakes, clutch linings, remote batteries, wiper blades etc. 150,000 miles Note Warranties do not cover wear or damage due to abuse, lack of maintenance or competitive driving. Subaru Mobile-It-Ease program helps modify vehicles for special needs drivers. On Ascent Premium, Limited, and Touring models.

Safety Plus services and a six-month free trial subscription to Safety and Security Plus services. This safety system helps in an accident with emergency services. Starlink at time of vehicle purchase. Active Torque Vectoring, controls the inner front wheel speed when vehicle is turning. To help avoid damage, the radar units are purposely mounted above the typical bumper impact line. The radar units send out signals to detect vehicles behind and to each side of the Subaru vehicle, especially those vehicles that might not be visible in the rearview mirrors.

If the driver signals a lane change to that side, the warning icon in the mirror will flash. 220 feet behind the Subaru vehicle. Rear Cross Traffic Alert beeps and warns of vehicles approaching from the sides when you’re backing out of a parking spot. Eyesight uses two small,  forward facing cameras on either side of the rear view mirror that monitor the road ahead. Eyesight will turn off if the windshield fogs up or they can’t see for any reason. Do not touch or try to clean the Eyesight camera lenses.

Eyesight information on the lower left inside of the windshield. Active Cruise Control combines the benefits of cruise control with active monitoring of the road ahead. It issues warnings and activates automatic braking when needed. Adaptive Cruise Control can regulate vehicle speed in order to keep a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead. Lane Keep Assist uses the car’s electric power steering to help keep the car in its lane at highway speeds over 40mph. Can be turned off by the driver.