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Repair manual bmw f20

Enter the characters you repair manual bmw f20 below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. BMW R 1100 S on manualslib. LCD display with SILVER ribbon cable for BMW speedometer – E38 E39 M5 X5. IMPORTANT: needle removal tool is NOT included!

Essential for dead or fading pixel repairs. E53 instrument clusters – LCD background light. NOTE: there are 3 bulbs included in this price. If you have uneven background light on the MID unit, most probably you have dead or almost dead bulbs. NOTE: there are 12 bulbs included in this price.

The repair kit will help if your flexible cable that connects the main board to the screen is broken. Give a much newer look to your BMW with the facelift chrome rings. Easy to apply ring set, no special tools needed. NOTE: all 4 rings are included in this price. NOTE: there are 5 bulbs included in this price. Fits all E and C class models with AUTOMATIC AND MANUAL GEARBOX.

This ribbon cable fits the Audi Concert stereo on the picture above. Fits both models – the ones assembled originally with ribbon cable and also the one assembled with Zebra strip. LCD display that shows valuable data such as the mileage, temperature, time and the OBC messages. Some cases the display returns to complete working order once the dasboard instrument cluster hits high or low temperatures. MID and radio unit, on the on board computer or OBC, and on the SID unit.

The pixel failure can be fixed simply replaceing the ribbon cable with a silver ribbon cable KIT which is between the LCD and the panel. Once the dashboard instrument cluster’s LCD display pixel failure was properly repaired, the speedometer display will work as new, the silver ribbon cable and the LCD will work for good in the speedometer. The LCD display repair ribbon cable KIT is available in silver version. All of your orders and packages are fully ensured, regarless to if it is a speedometer LCD dispay repair KIT, or just a silver ribbon cable.

In case of a lost package we issue a full refund or send a new package. Please note that we can only issue an official search after 30 days after dispatch. After 5 days we consider the package lost, meaning we issue a full refund or send a brand new package to you, it is up to you. We charge 7 Euro for express air mail delivery to all over the World, which cost is charged only 1 time regardless to the number of products you buy.

The website accurately calculates the prices including the shipping costs, so buy confidently, no extra or hidden charges are possible. You do not need special tools, special soldering iron, or special glue to replace the ribbon cables. We enclose at all cases a detailed replacement manual for free  – video, or printed manual. No need to recalibrate any of the units after the ribbon cable replacement, no data will be lost – you will have the original mileage and original settings in the unit. You may arrange the payment with credit card, or with a simple Paypal transfer. If you have problems with the payment, please send us an e-mail and we will help you out for sure. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER AT ALL!