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Pioneer pd-f805 service manual

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The abbreviation “UIC” refers to standard terms adopted by the International Union of Railways in its official publications and thesaurus. The housing attaching the end of the axle to the bogie which contains the bearing allowing the axle to rotate. The cab-side rear panel of a steam locomotive boiler through which the firebox is accessed. A tag or note applied to a defective piece of equipment. Generally, equipment tagged as bad order is not to be used until repairs are performed and the equipment is inspected and approved for use. A widening of an underground rail tunnel, in preparation for future connection or expansion of service.

A railroad car attached usually to the end of a train, in which railroad workers could ride and monitor track and rolling stock conditions. A catenary is visible above this electric Amtrak train. Dark signal A block signal that is displaying no discernible aspect, often due to burned out lamps or local power failure. A small explosive charge placed on the running rail which detonate when run over—used to warn drivers in following trains of an incident ahead. Known as a torpedo in the United States.

A set of diesel-powered self-propelling passenger rail vehicles able to operate in multiple with other such sets. Such units, especially those consisting of a single vehicle, are sometimes termed railcars. Ejector A component of vacuum brake system usually fitted in pairs. Steam passing through a cone sucks air from the train pipe to create the vacuum. A rail vehicle designed for the carriage of freight Full service reduction The maximum air pressure that can be exerted against brake pistons in a normal brake application.