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Peugeot 406 service manual download

Enter the terms you wish to search for. But it’s not as good to drive as rivals from Audi peugeot 406 service manual download Mercedes-Benz. Recurring problem with sticky door handles plus some software is a little dodgy.

Recently a rattle was traced to the mounting bolts on the offside front suspension strut working loose. Petrol consumption consistently 31mph from new. Great to look at but even better when you can drive 500 miles in a day and get out fresh and comfortable A very under rated gt car that is ideal for my work and pleasure The current road fund tax is a rip off as we should all pay the same to use the roads and if the government really wanted to make the point about co2 scarp the rfl and add it on to the fuel so the people who do the miles pay. Peugeot put a lot of effort into making the 407 Coupe have a real quality feel and it shows. The engine and gearbox are shared with other cars which are perceived as reliable e. Road tax is horrendous at top band.

Insurance is average for a car of this type. I have a peugeot 407 coupe after owning a 406 coupe. Fantastic looks, great performance, reasonable consumption, horrible co2! 7 v6, i guess the newer 3 litre is even better.

It has everything i could want built in as standard. I can drive 400 miles per day and be totally relaxed. Gearbox failure at 19000 miles is pretty poor. It wasn’t even replaced, just “fixed” with parts ordered from france because these gearboxes “never go wrong”. It not clunks and clatters into gear worse than when it was on its way out. Dealer smashed the door while the car was in the workshop and tried to bodge a repair and not tell me. Has not failed to start since owned.

Still running on original battery since new. Rear offside window motor replaced when out of warranty. Horn works when it feels like it. Average running costs,fuel,car tax and insurance.

Tyre wear has been good with Michelin tyres fitted. Service at dealers good but expensive. Have had trouble with the glass side windows. Both side Drop windows replaced under warranty due to clouding of laminated glass.

Very pleased with Dealers service and replacement. Great car – a pity peugeot don’t offer the v6 petrol anymore. I don’t do the mileage to warrant a diesel. Started first time after being away on holiday for a month. Absolutely nothing has gone wrong in the near two years I’ve owned it. Only costs have been wear and tear. Dealer servicing at 20,000 miles has been good value too.

Front nearside suspension partly replaced in under 3 years. Tyre pressure valve needed to br replaced so all sensorsw had to be reprogrammed. Not the same quality as in the peugeots that won the safari rally. QA needs tightning, Dealers also need to look at this. With a 3 liter motor MPG is poor using it locally.

No parts purchased except tyres but I knew what they would cost before buying car. Headlamp washer covers regularly fly off. Quite expensive to replace as they need to be sprayed to match the body colour. Lots of annoying electronic faults, i.