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Pentax al-240 service manual

Camera: A History of Photography From Daguerreotype to Digital, New York, Sterling Publishing Co. George Eastman House – pentax al-240 service manual pages including index.

Richly illustrated brochure about the camera accessories which were used by our forefathers. International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House New York: A Century of Cameras. 183 pages, a fine document, not as many illustrations as in other publications, but several fine photo prints added. A not too brief British guide to amateur photography from the end of the great era of British cameras. The Hove International Blue Book: Price Guide and Handbook for Collectable Cameras. UK: Hove Books, 14th edition, 2003. Interesting rarity scale for each camera.

Used Cameras, Lenses, and Accessories, Amherst Media, Inc, 2000, 6th Edition, ISBN 1-58428-013-1. The leading reference work in English for historical cameras. The most recent 12th edition is 1248 pages long and claims over 10,000 cameras are illustrated. Descriptions of camera models can include features, dates, accessories, and historical significance, making the description “price guide” somewhat too modest. The paper-bound edition weighs about 6.

Spy Cameras — A century of detective and subminiature cameras. Your Camera And How It Works, London, Chicago and New York: Ziff-Davis, 1946. 130 pages, Guide to cameras of the 1930s: large format to 35mm miniature cameras, old style SLRs to modern press cameras, lenses and shutters, well illustrated, excellent book to learn the photographic terminology as it was developed 100 years after the invention of photography, in the era of the legendary “prewar” classic cameras. Also see the category American periodicals. Argomania: A Look At Argus Cameras And The Company That Made Them. Very thorough treatment of the brand, good at tracing other cameras’ influence on Argus products. Dutifully slogs through even the late Argus-labeled Chinese imports.