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Norcold 1210im service manual

Installation and owner’s instructions, Parts list, Norcold 1210im service manual manual . Topic: Norcold 1210 IM Climate Control?

The following is a tread I saved from RV. During the summer months of high temperatures and humidity, the metal frame between the freezer and fresh food compartments may have water droplets forming. The number of water droplets will increase if the vehicle isn’t air conditioned during these months. The climate control can be left on continuously or only used when temperatures require it. The climate control will draw 12 volts DC power continuously when in the ON position. It should be turned OFF when a charging source is not available. Where do I find a switch to turn on this CLimate Control?

In checking the exterior drip bowl, there is no water, it stays totally dry. I also do not hear the exterior fans operating, how do I check to see if they infact are functioning? I put electrial tape over the two contacts on the left lower door to turn this feature off. Your exterior fans do not run all the time, just when it’s 85 more or less.

You should be able to hear them running on a hot day listening at the exterior vent. It is not intended to influence anyone’s judgment nor do I advocate anyone do what I propose. Sold 04 Dynasty after 14 great years. Hi, thanks Oldbiscuit for the Service Manual, much more informative than the Owners Manual I have. I believe you are correct my refer has the auto built in Climate control. The door divider appears a bit warm to the touch on the outer surface, so appears to be working.