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Milwaukee m12 radio instructions

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This is a list of neighborhoods of Milwaukee. Two residents of the same neighborhood may describe different neighborhood boundaries, which could be based on ZIP codes, ethnic groupings, or simply personal opinion. This encyclopedic problem is true for all cities but is particularly complicated in Milwaukee when identified neighborhoods can be within other neighborhoods. Arlington Heights is a predominantly African-American neighborhood on Milwaukee’s north side. It is bordered by Capitol Drive to the north, I-43 to the east, Keefe Avenue to the south and 20th Street to the west.

It is home to Lindbergh Park, an elementary school, a middle school, and a Lutheran grade school. Brewers’ Hill is a small, diverse neighborhood north of downtown on the Milwaukee River. The neighborhood is bordered by North Avenue to the north, Holton Avenue to the east, the Milwaukee River and Pleasant Street to the south, and Martin Luther King Drive to the west. Just to the south of the neighborhood, the Schlitz and Blatz breweries once operated. In 2009, This Old House named Brewers’ Hill as one of its “Best Old House Neighborhoods,” where the neighborhood was referred to as “a distinctly Victorian-era neighborhood that’s found new life in recent years as rehabbers buy up its blighted old mansions and restore them into beautiful urban homes. Franklin Heights is bordered by Capitol Drive to the north, 20th Street to the east, Burleigh Street to the south, and 35th Street to Townsend Street to the railroad tracks on the west.

One third of the Franklin Heights population lives below the poverty line. Granville is a historically working-class neighborhood located on Milwaukee’s far northwest side, featuring new subdivisions, industrial parks, and Granville Station. Formerly the Northridge mall, the Station has undergone extensive renovations and is attracting new large-format tenants. Located on the fringes of Williamsburg and encompassing parts of Glendale, Grover Heights is bordered by the Milwaukee River to the north, Port Washington Avenue to the east, Capitol Drive to the south and I-43 to the west.