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Mercado livre philips hue

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CNET may get a commission from retail offers. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Live communications support better, more meaningful collaborations, especially at the moment when needed. Explore how Lumify with integrated Reacts capability brings professionals, places and patients together to make a real difference.

With Lumify, high-quality portable ultrasound is available almost anywhere. Just subscribe, download the Lumify app, plug in the transducer, and you’re set. Meet patients at the point-of-care, make a faster diagnosis, and deliver care whenever it’s needed. Download the app The robust Lumify app is available on compatible Android smart devices via the Google Play Store. Connect the Lumify transducer Our innovation in portable ultrasound comes to your compatible device through a simple USB connection.

GYN preset optimization uses tissue harmonic imaging for delineation of fluid filled areas and detailed tissue visualization in OB and GYN applications. Color flow optimization in Abdomen is designed to quickly highlight faster flows in abdominal arteries as well as slower flows in organs like the kidney. The preset gives strong penetration and enhances visualization of free fluid in the abdomen to help enable rapid, confident results. Tissue Harmonic Imaging enables crisp visualization of blood filled chambers as well as the tissue structures of the heart. Color flow is optimized for high flow rates for quick visualization of cardiac function.

This optimization highlights contrast resolution and detail for visualization of soft tissue structure. Sensitive color flow optimization allows detailed fine flow detection for applications such as ruling out testicular torsion. This preset is ideal for detecting pathologic thickening of gallbladder walls as well as gall stones. A-Lines” while still allowing consolidations to appear. Start scanning Now you can quickly begin scanning with the quality of Philips imaging from your compatible smart device. The Lumify solution Your Lumify purchase or subscription includes more than just your handheld ultrasound, it is an entire ecosystem dedicated to helping you deliver incredible care.