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Martin mac aura user manual

Martin MAC Viper Wash on manualslib. Page 2 The Martin logo, the Martin name and all other trademarks in this document pertaining to services martin mac aura user manual products by Martin Professional or its affiliates and subsidiaries are trademarks owned or licensed by Martin Professional or its affiliates or subsidiaries.

Page 3: Table Of Contents Pan and tilt . 5 Effects in the MAC Viper Wash DX . Page 4: Introduction IBD projection module installed that contains internal barndoors, a motorized iris and a color wheel. The IBD module from the MAC Viper Wash DX can be installed in a standard MAC Viper Wash. This User Guide is a supplement to the Safety and Installation Manual that is supplied with the MAC Viper Wash. Page 5: Effects, Shutter And Strobe Effects, Dimming, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow And Cto, Focus And Zoom In other words, the fine channel works within the position set by the coarse channel.

Page 6: Effects In The Mac Viper Wash Dx, Internal Barndoors, Iris, Color Wheel Color wheel The color wheel in the MAC Viper Wash DX has seven color filters that can be applied as split colors or in full-color steps. The color wheel can also be scrolled continuously, applying the color filters in sequence with control of color wheel speed and direction. Slot 8 – Open The color filters are interchangeable, but replacement filters must match the dimensions, construction and quality of the filters supplied as standard. See the MAC Viper Wash Safety and Installation Guide for replacement instructions.

Page 9: Dmx Address, Dmx Modes 3. Press the Escape button to step back to the main menu. Basic 16-bit mode offers coarse control of all effects plus fine control of pan and tilt. Page 10: Fixture Id, Personality When a fixture is powered on for the first time, it displays its DMX address by default.

As soon as you set an ID number other than 0 in FIXTURE ID, the MAC Viper Wash will display this ID number by default, and indicate FIXTURE ID in the display. If set to Auto, the MAC Viper Wash senses its orientation and rotates the display automatically. Click on the Escape button to stop the test. Manual control The MANUAL CONTROL menu lets you reset the MAC Viper Wash, strike or douse the lamp, and operate the fixture without a DMX controller. To execute commands in the MANUAL CONTROL menu, select a menu item for the effect that you want to control, then enter a value from 0 to 255 to apply a command. DMX channel: channel 20 in basic 16-bit mode or channel 23 in extended 16-bit mode. Cyan to 192 on channel 2.

The MAC Viper Wash now reads the value on the effect -2. The number can be found in the control panel INFORMATION menu under RDM UID. Page 16: Software Service Functions, Service Utilities, Calibration 10 seconds, feedback is automatically disabled. ADJUST is for use at the factory and by authorized Martin Service technicians only. This menu allows dimmer and wash effect positions to be adjusted after replacement of components, etc.

To adjust the default positions of all the MAC Viper Wash’s effects, use the CALIBRATION menu instead. Disconnect the data link from the MAC Viper Wash. Insert the USB stick in the MAC Viper Wash’s USB host socket. The fixture should recognize the USB stick, illuminate the display and show UPDATING FILES in the display while it checks and if necessary updates its internal memory with new firmware versions stored on the USB stick. Page 18 To install firmware in the MAC Viper Wash: 1. MU3’ file from the MAC Viper Wash support page on the Martin website to the 2.