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Manitou m50 4 parts manual

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Manitou Systems 160 ATJ on manualslib. Manitou Systems 160 ATJ Operator’s Manual Diesel-powered articulated platform. 2 – 20, 2 – 22, 2 – 23, 2 – 27 and 3 – 5 following replacement of the diesel gauge with a proportional gauge. Page 9: Genuine Spare Parts GENUINE SPARE PARTS ALL MAINTENANCE ON OUR ACCESS PLATFORM MUST BE CARRIED OUT USING ORIGINAL PARTS. BY ALLOWING NON-ORIGINAL PARTS TO BE USED, YOU RUN THE RISK – Legally, of being liable in the event of an accident. Technically, of causing breakdowns to occur or of reducing your access platform’s service life.

Page 10: Instructions To The Company Manager INSTRUCTIONS TO THE COMPANY MANAGER REAMBLE WHENEVER YOU SEE THIS SYMBOL IT MEANS : WARNING ! YOUR SAFETY OR THE SAFETY OF THE PLATFORM IS AT RISK. HE OPERATOR – Only qualified, authorized personnel can use the platform. Page 11 For operation under average climatic conditions, i.

C, correct levels of lubricants in all the circuits are checked in production. For operation under more severe climatic conditions, before starting up, it is necessary to drain all the circuits, then ensure correct levels of lubricants using lubricants properly suited to the relevant ambient temperatures. Page 12: Instructions For The Operator INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE OPERATOR REAMBLE WHENEVER YOU SEE THIS SYMBOL IT MEANS : WARNING ! The risk of accident while using, servicing or repairing your platform can be restricted if you follow the safety instructions and safety measures detailed in these instruction.

Page 13 C – MAINTENANCE – The operator must immediately advise his superior if his platform is not in good working order or does not comply with the safety notice. The operator is prohibited from carrying out any repairs or adjustments himself, unless he has been trained for this purpose. Page 14 RIVING INSTRUCTIONS A – BEFORE STARTING THE PLATFORM – Ensure that the intermediate rail is fully in the locked position before operating the platform from the basket. If the platform is new, see the Chapter : BEFORE STARTING THE PLATFORM FOR THE FIRST TIME in Section : 1 – SAFETY ADVICE AND INSTRUCTIONS. Page 15 – Do not allow anybody to come near the working area of the platform or pass beneath an elevated load. To do this, mark your operating area with warning signs. Ensure that you adapt the platform’s travelling speed by controlling the speed with the travelling manipulator.

Page 16 E – STARTING THE PLATFORM PLATFORMS WITH IC ENGINES SAFETY NOTICE – Never try to start the platform by pushing or towing it. Such operation may cause severe damage to the transmission. Set the battery cut-off to the OFFposition. F – DRIVING THE PLATFORM SAFETY NOTICE Operators should be aware of the risks connected with using the platform, notably: – Risk of losing control. Page 18 G – STOPPING THE PLATFORM SAFETY NOTICE – Never leave the ignition key in the platform during the operator’s absence.