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Magic mop user manual

The Toy Box is one of the big features in Warlords of Magic mop user manual–you can store all of your vanity items, free up bag space, and use them on any of your characters! Wowhead users love vanity items, and you can browse tons of helpful comments and creative screenshots in the database! The following toys are the most popular toys among Wowhead users with Profiles. Before we go over all the toys you can collect, here is how you can track you Toy Box collection on Wowhead via the Profiler.

To get set up, you will need to verify your character. Click on the Verify option on the header and follow the instructions. If you log in via Battle. Once that is done, the following information will appear on your character’s Profile. To return to this page, head to the “My Profiles” section of your user menu dropdown at the top right of any Wowhead page.

Your Profile will have a new “Toys” tab which displays all of your toys, broken down by source so you can easily decide which to collect. If you click the “Filter” option on the Profiler’s header, you can hide different types of toys you don’t want to collect–those from the opposite faction, requiring a profession, currently-unobtainable toys, and more. Finally, if you click the “Pin” option on your Profiler’s header, your Toy Box information is displayed when you browse toys across Wowhead. Quick Facts on Toy pages, search results with toys, and tooltips will have a checkbox showing completion for your character, so you can always keep track of what you do and don’t have collected. You can reach it on wowhead. Items and then Toy Box under Quick Links.

This will take you to our Toy Box filter with a special Gallery format that displays images for all toys. Now you can easily tell what each toy does! The Toy Box is a storage system that saves all of your vanity items and turns them account-wide. This frees up a lot of bag space! There are over 200 items in the Toybox.

You can see the complete list of current toys using our Toy Filter. The Toymaster is an achievement for collecting 150 toys. This rewards Robo-Gnomebulator, which transforms you into a Clockwork Gnome. 2, Crashin’ Thrashin’ Commander is an achievement for collecting 200 toys. The Toy Box is a new tab in Collections, along with Mounts, Pets, and Heirlooms. To add an item to the Toy Box, simply click on the item and it will be added to the interface. If you have the same vanity item stored on a different character, it will say the item is already known and it is safe to delete.