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Kato hater like u download

In high school, he fell in kato hater like u download with beautiful Saeko. Because of Sota’s effort, he is able to have a romantic relationship with Saeko right before Christmas. Saeko though tells Sota that she will be unable to meet him on Valentine’s Day, but can meet him on the day before Valentine’s Day. To make Saeko love him, he travels to France with little money and studies chocolate there.

This is because Saeko loves chocolate. 5 years later, Sota becomes a first-class Chocolatier. Now back in Japan, Sota opens his very own store. I really can’t say I hate the ending but yes, I do agree that it’s really a sad one. I feel while listening to the OSTs BEFORE I have done watching all the episodes are really different compared when I FINISHED the drama. My mind can’t stop thinking back on the ending whenever I listen to it.

I must say the acting of the characters is really great. 3 so I’m definitely did not regret watching the drama. Also the visions of the characters before the reality becomes the scene is so funny. There’s Kiko and Satomi – both I think are beautiful and good actresses. But the story, inclusing the morals and what nots, I’m leaving it to the viewers. That’s as far as my recommendation goes. The last thing I want to say is, THEY STICK TO THE TITLE UNTIL THE END.