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Jands vista s3 user manual

What makes MagicQ PC so great and why is jands vista s3 user manual worth learning? This month UK lighting control firm Cham Sys announced an affiliation with PRG Group to distribute the new MagicQ Pro series of lighting consoles in the US, Canada and Japan.

This distribution partnership should mean that the MagicQ will become used more widely . Many features are common to all MagicQ control products, including the free MagicQ PC software. And, with the aid of a laptop and cheap DMX USB dongle, you can actually use MagicQ PC to run your shows. Why is the MagicQ PC software free? When MagicQ PC hit the scene, it was one of the first free PC versions of a professional lighting controller that wasn’t just a simulator and didn’t require expensive hardware to output DMX. Why do the professionals like the MagicQ? Looking for free lighting control software, you will find plenty of lighting professionals singing the praises of MagicQ PC.

This is partly due it’s the range of lighting control features, but also comes down to familiarity. The benefit of learning to use PC software like MagicQ PC is that becoming familiar with a console workflow is improving programming skills for real world situations. What are the best features of MagicQ PC? As well as dimmer and moving light control, the MagicQ also has features that are now the norm in good lighting consoles. Another widely adopted feature includes spreadsheet manipulation and importing of data such as patch sheets and fixture information.

A fixture personality editor gives you the option to tweak existing fixture files or create your own. All the major 3rd party visualisers are supported for pre-programming of shows. A big selling point of the MagicQ system is flexibility. Busking shows, creating theatre stacks or triggering media events are all available in a user friendly format.

Some of best features on the MagicQ are found in the details of advanced use. A feature from theatre stack moving light consoles such as the Strand 520. Auto Move While Dark sets fixtures not in the current cue into position, ready for it’s next use. Selecting generic lighting by gel numbers, moving heads by rig postion etc. Speeds up the process of programming. MagicQ PC can be used with external touchscreens or a tablet laptop. Media previews and thumbnails, LED drivers and other Lighting 2.

What operating systems can MagicQ PC run on? How do I get DMX out of the MagicQ PC software? MagicQ PC can now be used with a variety of 3rd Party devices that output DMX. If you want to buy a cheap USB to DMX dongle that works well, I recommend the Enttec USB DMX Pro. Although the original Open USB DMX dongle works with MagicQ PC, some users have DMX signal problems. The downside to this lovely free stage lighting controller is, on a laptop, you don’t get to play with faders and wheels.

This becomes a pain when trying to program more complex lighting rigs. The PC wing also has two DMX universe outputs, giving you plenty of control capacity for shows. Something for everyone, you might say. It takes time for new manufacturers to become really established in a market but Cham Sys have a good product.

It also seems like their presence has forced a few other lighting console makers to up their game. Similar to many desks in the current generation of professional lighting consoles, the free MagicQ PC software with a cheap DMX dongle is an offer too good to refuse. If you would like On Stage Lighting to feature MagicQ tutorials in the future, get in touch. Finding your way around the interface.

Setting up the interface and patching fixtures. Looking at some basic cue options and introducing the effects engine. Patching and controlling intelligent lighting fixtures. Palettes, attributes and using the programmer. About Rob Sayer HND PGDip FHEA.