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Ibm thinkpad type 2373 service manual

Lower the screen resolution to 720 dpi. Another issue is the reference to RGB. What ibm thinkpad type 2373 service manual the location of the hard drive?

Easy, please search in the bottom or base of notebook, in the right side a screw near to the corner, only you have to remove it and pull, voila, you have the hard drive. What are you doing when it hangs? To many programs running, Malware, Toolbars in broswer, Many things. Speed-up-a-Windows-XP-Computer ALSO two freeware programs I use, 1. Thinkpad Power on Password is stored on an EEPROM chip and removing the BIOS battery will not reset this password.

You can access this EEPROM to get the password but you need electronic skills. How do I get a how to manual? Use 3rd party software to remove password. Hook a spare monitor to the video output, if picture okay the LCD panel display will need to be replaced, go to www. But if both show the same symptom it is the video graphics card. My vlc playar is not working? Try using VLC as your player.

Look for the Video Lan download from site www. It downloads and installs in 3 minutes or so. It’sa very fast player, smooth and it can play just about any type of dvd formatsand media. The manufacturer website of your computer is the best choice. Enter your model number and operatingsystem when requested.