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Hyt tm-610 user manual

HYT TM-800 UHF User Manual Hyt mobile radio. Thank you for your purchase of HYT mobile radio TM-800. Page 2 HOT SURFACE Avoid c onta ct durin g hyt tm-610 user manual us e Do not touch the metal surface of the radio while it is in use.

Do not mount the radio such that the chassis can come in contact with skin. High temperatures may burn you skin. Page 3 Antenna substitution: Don’t substitute any antenna for the one supplied or recommended by the manufacturer or radio dealer. You may contact your radio dealer or the manufacturer for further instructions. Page 6 BEFORE USING YOUR HYT MOBILE RADIO. Page 7: Fcc Compliance FCC Licensing Requirements Your radio must be properly licensed Federal Communications Commission prior to use. Your HYT Wireless dealer can assist you in meeting these requirements.

Your dealer will program each radio with your authorized frequencies, signalling codes, etc. Do not place the radio in excessively dusty, humid areas, nor on unstable surfaces. Refer service to qualified technicians only. For vehicles equipped with electronic anti-skid braking systems, electronic ignition systems or electronic fuel injection systems, interferences may occur during the radio transmission.

Page 9: Product Inspection Product Inspection Please carefully unpack the radio. Before use, it is recommended that you inspect the product as follows. First check the shipping carton for any signs of damage. Confirm the supplied product against the packing slip to assure accuracy. If any items are missing or have been damaged during shipment, please file a claim to the carrier immediately. Attach the mounting bracket, using the 4. 8 x 20mm self-tapping screws, in a location where convenient operation is accessible.

Connect the antenna and the supplied power cable to the radio. Turn the knob clockwise to adjust upwards and counterclockwise to adjust downwards. Display channel Frequency Display the preprogrammed functions 1. Appears when the auxiliary function is activated. CALL Appears when transmitting a selective call.