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Husqvarna manuel d entretien

Lawn Mower Husqvarna HU600L Owner’s Manual 917. Page 2: Safety Rules MEETS CPSC SAFETY REQUIREMENTS Husqvarna rotary husqvarna manuel d entretien-behind power lawn mowers conform to the safety standards of the American National Standards Institute and the U. CONGRATULATIONS on your purchase of a new lawn mower. It has been designed, engineered and man u fac tured to give you the best possible dependability and performance.

Page 3: Product Specifications, Safety Rules, Customer Responsibilities III. CHILDREN Tragic accidents can occur if the operator is not alert to the presence of children. Children are often attracted to WARNING: This lawn mower is equipped with an the machine and the mowing activity. Never assume that internal com bus tion engine and should not be children will remain where you last saw them. Page 4: Table Of Contents, Note: If Vinyl Bindings Are Too Stiff, Hold Them In Warm Water TABLE OF CONTENTS SAFETY RULES 2-3 OPERATION 7-12 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS .

13-17 CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES 3 SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENTS . 18 SAFETY AND INSTRUCTIONAL DECALS . Page 5: Assembly ASSEMBLY MOWING TO INSTALL ATTACHMENTS PO SI TION Your lawn mower was shipped ready to be used as a mulcher. Operation section of this man u al. TO RE MOVE LAWN MOW ER FROM CAR TON 1. Page 6: Product Overview, Handle Knob PRODUCT OVERVIEW Figure 5 1.

Single point height adjuster lever 12. Engine oil cap with dipstick 13. Page 7: Grass Bag OPERATION The operation of any lawn mower can result 1. Page 9: To Convert Mower OPERATION TO CONVERT MOWER REAR DISCHARGING 1. Page 10: Before Starting Engine OPERATION BEFORE STARTING ENGINE ADD GASOLINE ADD OIL IMPORTANT: Fill fuel tank to bottom of tank filler neck. Use fresh, clean, regular unleaded gasoline Your lawnmower is shipped without oil in the engine.