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Htc handleiding one v

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HTC ONE V Manuals Manuals and User Guides for HTC ONE V. What Can I Do During A Call? Professional grade VR for the most demanding experiences. Get the most from your HTC phone. Get the best trade-in value and a great new phone! The available storage you can use will be lesser, since the phone’s software occupies some storage.

Network bands in regions other than Europe and Asia Pacific may be different, depending on the mobile operator and your location. Upload and download speeds also depend on the mobile operator. Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. HTC One V User Manual One v mobile phone. Page 7: Conventions Used In This Guide Conventions used in this guide Conventions used in this guide In this user guide, we use the following symbols to indicate useful and important information: This is a note. A note often gives additional information, such as what happens when you choose to do or not to do a certain action. A note also provides information that may only be applicable to some situations.