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Hitachi hma 6500 manual

The availability and choice of a suitable electronic crossover unit or module. Units, cabinets, electronic crossover and amplifiers, all these are interrelated. Hitachi hma 6500 manual we have to deal with many variables which make the road to harmony, excellent transient response and efficiency a difficult one. The main advantage of an active system is that the loudspeaker units are directly connected to the amplifiers without the use of filter sections with capacitors, coils and resistors.

When filtering with a 12 dB slope, there will be no capacitor in parallel needed which has a high value when choosing a low crossover frequency, let’s say between 300 and 600 Hz. And for 18 dB the total of uF will be even higher. That is a bad thing in loudspeaker filters. Omitting capacitors as well does mean that the units are working better. The proper loading and filtering of loudspeaker units is translated in a cleaner, clearer and better controlled sound.

This volume does not necessarily need to be the volume calculated by a computer program for filter and crossover. Also speaker units can be selected which are built with specific materials for cones. Paper for instance has gone out of fashion. Paper has the advantage that it does not store energy as some modern materials do. But it needs more attention than, say, polypropylene. Units with heavy magnets are expensive. Units with alnico magnets are expensive.