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Hirschmann connector catalog pdf

World’s Largest Selection hirschmann connector catalog pdf Electronic Components Available for Immediate Shipment! All Manufacturers 3M 4D Systems Aavid Abracon Corporation Acconeer AB ACL Staticide, Inc. Register now for access to exclusive benefits and tools! Hirschmann MACH 1020 User Manual Industrial ethernet ruggedized switch mach 1000 family.

Page 2 In addition, we refer to the conditions of use specified in the license contract. Printed in Germany Hirschmann Automation and Control GmbH Stuttgarter Str. Page 3: Table Of Contents Contents Safety instructions About this Manual Legend Device description Description of the device variants Combination options Assembly and start-up Installing the device 2. 4 Installing the device and grounding 2.

Page 4: Safety Instructions, Supply Voltage Safety instructions This documentation contains instructions which must be observed to ensure your own personal safety and to avoid damage to devices and machinery. 5 A for the voltage supply input. There is the risk of an electric shock. 49 1805 141538 The product can be used in the industrial sector. This is a class A device. This device can cause interference in living areas, and in this case the operator may be required to take appropriate measures. The assembly guidelines provided in these instructions must be strictly adhered to in order to observe the EMC threshold values.

Page 11: Device Description Device description The Ruggedized Switch for Substations and Transportation MACH 1000 Family provides you with a wide range of Switch variants. You set up your own Switch according to your requirements regarding the number of ports, transmission speed, media type, connector type, temperature range, voltage range and software variant. 2 x SFP slots plus 2 x twisted pair RJ45 sockets. The MAR1130- and MAR1132- devices have an additional Fast Ethernet port on the front of the device that you can use for diagnosis purposes. Page 18: Combination Options Combination options The product designation of your device is made from combining the desired product characteristics in accordance with the following table. The corresponding short designation is in column 3. Before attaching an SFP module, first remove the protective cap over the socket.

Push the SFP module with the lock closed into the socket until it latches audibly in place. Page 22: Connecting The Power Unit Connections, For Supply Voltage And Signal Contact 2. Connect the power supply and signal lines. Page 24 Note: For device variants without PoE: For device variants with two power units, if there is non-redundant voltage supply, the device reports the failure of one supply voltage. You can prevent this message by applying the supply voltage via both inputs, or by changing the configuration in the Management. The signal contact monitors proper functioning of the device, thus enabling remote diagnostics. You can specify the type of function monitoring in the Management.