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Fingertec user guide

AUTO TEST Fingertec user guide should do the Auto Test? Choose the language that you prefer for your User Guide.

Terminal Included Accessories Do not abuse the fingerprint sensor by scratching the surface, contacting the sen- sor’s surface with heat, pressing hard during placement of fingerprint for verifica- tion. Page 4 tA100C model Siren Cable For connecting the terminal to external siren. DC 5V Power Adaptor Screwdriver For supplying power to Use the screwdriver to open the the terminal. In addition, some fingerprint terminals are made to accept card verification as an added security measure.

Fingerprint Sensor To scan finger for confirmation of identity. Reset Button T o restart the terminal as and when required. Page 8 Keypad To input instructions into the terminal and to allow configuration. Navigation Keys To navigatien and input command to terminal. RFID Card Induction Area Area that reads RFID cards.

Reset Button To restart the terminal as and when required. Main Menu Enroll users, manage user data and input workcode. The security password known as COM Key is intended for extra security. To connect the terminal with the software, the COM key inserted in the Software must be the same as the one inserted in the termi- nal or else the connection will not be established even though the activation key and product key are correctly inserted. This chapter covers all possible user enrollments in the terminals. One template is the default fingerprint and another is used as for backup. Identity verification is failed because the finger is not properly posi- tioned, the template is not available in the terminal or the password is incorrect.

Page 13 Adding User Information User information can be added into the terminal through two ways. PrIVIlege USer roleS Normal User Only use the terminal to verify your identity. After measuring the height accordingly and make relevant marking on the wall, drill the screws into the wall to secure the back plate. Page 16 Communication Connection points for power and communication are available on top of the terminals.

Refer to the following diagrams for the terminals you require. IP PORT tA200 PlUS model USB PORT . Page 17 USB Port Linking with USB flash disk for remote data transfer. Threshold determines how many percent of minutiae points on a fingerprint template will be read by the system. The higher the threshold level, more points are being read, more restricted the system.

Configure the threshold for 1:1 and 1:N methods. Page 19 User ID 000000001 010000: Transaction Code These logs need to be managed to maintain Terminal Activity the effectiveness of the terminal. In the data management icon, you can choose from four instructions. Page 20 Keyboard Define the function keys in your terminal here. This setting is available as a power saving feature of the terminal. The time range is from 0-999 seconds.

Precision in time and date cannot be compromised for the system to work efficiently. Time according to your time zone. AUTO TEST Who Should do the Auto Test? Auto Test page is to diagnose or analyze the conditions in the terminal. There are several tests available in the Auto Test page and only an administrator is allowed to perform the test.

SYSTEM INFORMATION This option under System allows the installer to check the information of the terminal including storage, firmware, algorithm, etc. Records Shows free storage and used storage of the terminal, and details of user counts, admin counts and password users. Appears When this message appears, it means that the settings for the terminal and the com- puter are not properly done. Find out which method you are using to connect.