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Dewalt dw708 instruction manual

Dewalt DW708 Instruction Manual Sliding compound miter saw. 701 East Joppa Road, Baltimore, MD 21286 Printed in U. Page 3 IF Dewalt dw708 instruction manual SHOULD EXPERIENCE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR DEWALT PURCHASE, CALL 1-800-4 DEWALT. Before returning this product call IN MOST CASES, A DEWALT REPRESENTIVE CAN RESOLVE YOUR PROBLEM OVER THE PHONE.

1-800-4-D WALT IF YOU HAVE A SUGGESTION OR COMMENT, GIVE US A CALL. This product is covered under U. BUILT JOBSITE TOUGH WALT high performance industrial tools are made for America’s toughest industrial and construction applications. Page 5: Table Of Contents TABLE OF CONTENTS SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS .

2 SWITCH 9 ADDITIONAL SAFETY RULES. 2 BEVEL CUTS 9 ELECTRICAL CONNECTION. 4 BODY AND HAND POSITION 9 FAMILIARIZATION . Page 6: Safety Instructions, Additional Safety Rules, Extension Cords Important Safety Instructions for all tools.

Do not wear loose clothing, gloves, neckties, rings, bracelets, or other jewelry which may get caught in moving parts. DO-Keep hands out of path of saw blade. DO-Shut off power, disconnect cord from power source and wait for saw blade to stop before servicing or adjusting tool. ALWAYS ADJUST FENCE PROPERLY BEFORE USE. Page 10: Bench Mounting, Transporting The Saw Descript.

7 Fine Trim Precision 60-100 Very Molding Ground Smooth Carbide Splinter Free Trim, Framing, Combination 32-60 Smooth Pressure Multi-Purpose Fast Cut LOCK Treated DOWN Decking Aluminum Non-Ferrous 60-80 — Metal Cutting Negative Rake Teeth Stabilizer Your saw includes one base stabilizer. 11 Adjustments PERFORM ALL ADJUSTMENTS WITH THE SLIDING COMPOUND MITER SAW UNPLUGGED. NOTE: Your sliding compound miter saw is fully and accu- rately adjusted at the factory at the time of manufacture. Page 12: Fence Adjustment, Guard Actuation And Visibility, Automatic Electric Brake in place, and gently move the pointer left or right. Page 13: Rail Guide Adjustment, Brushes, Operation, Switch, Cutting With Your Saw, Crosscuts, Bevel Cuts FIG. 17 your own safety by giving the saw your complete attention. When cutting anything larger than a 2×4, use an out-down- back motion.

19 SO THAT YOU CAN CHECK THE PATH OF THE BLADE. Keep both feet firmly on the floor and maintain proper balance. As you move the miter arm left and right, follow it and stand slightly to the side of the saw blade. Page 15: Dual Range Miter Scale, Vernier Scale FIG. 20 VERNIER SCALE Your saw is equipped with a vernier scale for added precision. To use the vernier scale follow these steps. 28 HIGH VERTICALLY AGAINST THE FENCE Position molding as shown in Figure 26.

All cuts made with the back of the molding against the fence and bottom of the molding against the base. Page 17: Cutting Crown Molding FIG. Page 19: Special Cuts, Installing A New Saw Blade Special Cuts UNPLUG THE SLIDING COMPOUND MITER SAW FIG. THAT WITH AN IRON SECURED ON THE TABLE AND AGAINST THE FENCE. OR MASONRY WITH THIS Aluminum Cutting: SLIDING COMPOUND MITER SAW. Then rotate the set screw on the top of THUMBSCREW the motor plate casting until the proper tension is achieved.