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Dewalt 733 service manual

The belt finally broke on my 733 after several years of dewalt 733 service manual. Before I get a replacement, I would like to know how difficult it would be to replace it. In other words should I just get it done?

Its not hard to get to the belt, I’ve taken my 733 apart to fix a parallel problem. I guess you have probably either fixed it by now or bought a new one, I just looked at the date when you posted this originally LOL! The cabinet is square because I will it to be so! Just did mine 2 months ago. Not a big job at all, and it give you a chance to blow all the crud out while you’re at it. The company gave me a replacement belt when I bought my planer new. Lasted 6 years before it finally broke.

Well I took the planer apart and exposed the area where the belt needed to go and I had a hard time getting it on. I tried working it back and forth tried prying it with a screwdriver but it seemed to tight. I was thinking about soaking it in hot water and then trying to get it back on, but I didn’t want it to warp out of shape. How I finally got it on was placing it on the small pully and trying to catch it on the bigger pulley while turning, and after some fustration it just rotated on. Mark, I’ve got a DW733 that is about 3yrs old.

I’ve been scratching my head for days on this one. Can you point me to anything that helped you solve your problem? Vrice, I opened up the top removing the housing around the actual guts of the thing. Now its been a while since I’ve done this but as I recall there are a pair of threaded rods on either side of the cutter head. As I recall there is some kind of adjustment on each rod, I’d have to dig up my manual and have the planar in front of me.