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Daikin multi inverter service manual

Refrigeration Daikin leverages its experience and technology to deliver air conditioning solutions that meet the demands of any setting. Although all situations are not covered daikin multi inverter service manual this section, answers to the most frequently asked areas are provided. To save time and trouble, we recommend that you refer first to this page. The air conditioner does not cool or heat the room well.

Is the temperature and the operation mode properly set by the remote controller? Are air quantity and direction properly controlled? Are areas directly below or next to the air conditioner blocked by furniture or other objects? If not, please contact your nearest Daikin representative. Warm air does not flow immediately after starting the heating operation. The air conditioner is warming up. Please wait for about 3 minutes.

The air conditioner does not operate. Is the breaker thrown or the fuse blown? Is the power plug connected to the outlet? Has there been a power failure? Do the batteries in the remote controller need replacement? OFF button on the main unit or remote controller does not work.

The air conditioner does not operate immediately when the unit is turned on during or after filter cleaning operation. The air conditioner does not operate immediately when operation is restarted immediately after stopping, or the operation mode has changed. This is to protect the air conditioner. The air conditioner does not operate immediately when dry or cooling operation is activated. When the voltage fluctuates largely, operation can stop to protect the air conditioner. Operation restarts automatically in about 3 minutes. The unit turns on and off repeatedly.

Operation stops unexpectedly when ON timer is set. When the ON timer is set, operation starts up to 1 hour before the time set to reach the setpoint. If the remote controller is operated during this time, the operation automatically stops. Restart operation using the remote controller. The operation lamp on the main unit flashes. If not, clean the air filters and restart operation using the remote controller.

If the operation lamp still flashes, disconnect the power plug from the outlet or turn the breaker off and contact the place of purchase. Remove any objects and restart operation using the remote controller. Heating operation stops unexpectedly, and the sound of water flowing is heard. Air conditioning operation stops unexpectedly, and filter cleaning operation starts. Then, the air conditioning operation restarts. Filter cleaning operation does not stop.

The air conditioner continues to operate even when the dehumidifying, dry cooling, or cooling operation is turned off. The indoor unit produces an abnormal noise during operation. A buzzing sound may be produced when the flap moves. A soft rumbling sound is produced. A strange sound is produced during humidifying or ventilation operation. The hissing sound is caused by the discharge of humidified or ventilated air.