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Craftsman snowblower manual oil change

We are open  Mon-Fri 10 a. Our Snow Removal page has even more tractor attachments and accessories for Winter – ask and we will e-mail an owner’s manual for almost any of the Bercomac products. Jim will help you craftsman snowblower manual oil change out the small tractor attachment or implement that will fit your make and model and does the job you want it to do. We have tractor attachments to fit most any  lawn tractor.

Check out the new 4 wheeler – ATV snowblower! Jim will make sure it works and looks great, he reconditions all of the equipment and tractor attachments we take in and he replaces anything that is worn or broken. Q:  We would like to install some auxiliary lighting on the 47″ two-stage snowblower for better visibility when the snow blower is raised. Peterson Manufacturing has some nice lighting using 55W H3 halogens. Given the John Deere 425 has a 20 amp alternator, can it handle this additional load or are we looking for trouble? Is there a higher output alternator that works well with the 425?

A:  I have run this same load before with a 14 amp charging system and I had to run the engine wide open to just barely keep up. I think you will be doing fine with a 20 amp output. It is not necessary to run a relay, just get some quality switches. Q: I have purchased a John Deere 425 with the hopes of purchasing a snow plow for it. I saw an auction where the seller is offering a plow for a John Deere 420 and John Deere 430 model. Will this fit the Deere 425? A:  The John Deere 420 and 430 Deere attachments will not interchange.

Q:  Do you think my 1988 John Deere 216 can handle a front end loader? Or should I move up to a John Deere 318 that has hydraulics? A:  The 216 Deere will handle a loader fine. We have already installed them on the old John Deere 110 tractors. Q:I have found a loader that was off a 420 John Deere. I have a 332 John Deere. Will the loader and brackets work with mine?

A:No, those loader brackets will not work on the John Deere 332 diesel. Another problem is that the pumps for each one of those tractors runs at two different RPMs. They also turn in opposite directions. Q: I was wondering, would a 246 rotary broom fit a 318?