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Citizen ct-s4000 service manual

We’ve been in the hearing aid business for over 10 years citizen ct-s4000 service manual stand firmly behind our products. For mild to moderate hearing loss. These are Class 1 Hearing Aid devices under FDA Regulations per 21 C.

As with all medical issues, please consult a physician prior to use or if you have any questions. Not suitable for use by anyone under age 18. In 2008, Hearing Assist set out to solve a problem: the high cost of available solutions for mild-moderate hearing loss. FDA-registered direct to consumer hearing aid, as well as the first rechargeable hearing aid.

We learned a lot during the early years. US based customer service team with compassion, experience and knowledge in both our customer demographic and our product selection. In 2017 we began working on new product offerings and strategies. Technology changed a lot over the years, and we now had improved product designs with longer battery life, better sound quality, more programs for use in various settings, and in general better customer satisfaction. Hearing Assist is a business that sees an opportunity to improve people’s lives with great products at amazing prices, and with excellent customer service.