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Bosch plena software download

Bosch Plena Installation And User Instructions Manual Voice alarm system. These instructions are supplied bosch plena software download with all equipment that can be connected to the mains. 4 Important Notices When using routers, keypads or more than one call station, configure the controller using the supplied software.

5 Table of Contents Important Safeguards 3 Important Notices . 5 Section 1 – Introduction . 52 Controls, connectors and indicators . 52 Installation 53 Technical data .

00 Voice Alarm Remote Control . 54 Controls, connectors and indicators . 3 Acknowledge the emergency state . 4 Exit the emergency state 92 27. 10 About this manual Signs Except for note alerts, the nature of the effect that can be caused when the alert is not observed, is indicated 1. 11 Conversion tables In this manual, SI units are used to express lengths, masses, temperatures etc. These can be converted to non-metric units using the information provided below.

1 Praesideo It is possible to combine the Plena Voice Alarm System with a Praesideo digital public address and emergency 2. 1 Voice Alarm System sound system. 2 Hand-held microphone The voice alarm controller is equipped with a hand-held 2. 1 Introduction microphone, which can be used to make emergency calls. 2 Buttons The voice alarm router does not have an internal power Each call station has zone select buttons and a amplifier.

4 Power requirements The system controller features a built-in 240 W power amplifier, making it possible to drive up to 40 3. 1 Schools loudspeakers with a power handling capacity of 6 W each. 4 Power requirements The system controller has a built-in 240 W power 3. 4 Power requirements Each zone will have varying power requirements, 3. 4 Power requirements The system controller features a built-in 240 W power 3. 23 Calls and priorities Business call A business call is a call that is made when the system is in the normal state.

Business calls always have a priority 4. Each Controller button has a green LED and a rotary knob. The six green LEDs indicate the zones to which BGM is distributed. Use Cat-5 Ethernet cables 19-inch rack-mounting installation. 00 The voice alarm controller has 1 external power Voice Alarm Routers.

6 Loudspeakers The voice alarm controller has 2 sockets for remote The voice alarm controller has 6 zone outputs controls. 11, situation I for an example of a fail-safe See figure 5. 8 Line output To create a 3-wire volume override, see figure 5. This output has a double cinch socket. The voice alarm controller has 3 status output contacts 5. 2 Message manager Data format: 5.