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Bosch logixx 7 user manual download

Bosch PIE F Series on manualslib. Page 3: Table Of Contents Childproof bosch logixx 7 user manual download 9 Powerboost function. 9 Additional information on products, accessories, replacement Restrictions when using.

9 parts and services can be found at www. How to activate9 in the online shop www. Safety precautions Please read this manual carefully. Page 4: Elements That May Damage The Appliance Do not use any high-pressure cleaners or Risk of fire! Hot oil and fat can ignite very quickly.

Never leave hot fat or oil unattended. Never use water to put out burning oil or A defective appliance may cause electric Risk of electric shock! Page 5: Protecting The Environment, Environmentally-friendly Disposal, Energy-saving Advice, Induction Cooking, Advantages Of Induction Cooking, Cookware Overview The following table presents the most common damage caused: Damage Cause Measure Stains Food spillage Immediately remove spilt food using a glass scraper. Page 6: Getting To Know Your Appliance, The Control Panel, The Hotplates, Residual Heat Indicator Characteristics of the pan base Empty pans or those with a thin base The characteristics of the pan base may affect the uniformity of Do not heat empty pans, nor use pans with a thin base. Pans made from materials which help hob is equipped with an internal safety system. Page 7: Programming The Hob, Turning The Hob On And Off, Setting The Hotplate, Cooking Guidelines Table Programming the hob This section will show you how to program the hotplates.

The Next, select the power level in the programming zone. Turning the hob on and off The hob is turned on and off using the main switch. Page 9: Childproof Lock, Activating And Deactivating The Childproof Lock, Powerboost Function, Restrictions When Using Childproof lock Childproof lock The hob can be protected against being accidentally turned on, to ensure that children do not switch on the hotplates. With this function, the childproof lock automatically activates when a hob is switched off. Page 10: The Timer, Cleaning Lock Function, Automatic Time Limitation, Displaying Energy Consumption The timer Changing or cancelling the time Select the hotplate and then press the symbol. The timer can be set for periods of up to 99 minutes.

It is independent of the other settings. This function does not Change the cooking time using the programming zone or set automatically switch off a hotplate. Page 11: Basic Settings, Accessing The Basic Settings Basic settings The device has several basic settings. These settings may be adapted to the user’s individual needs.