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Bicycle repair instruction

So, You’ve Got a New Bicycle! Bicycle Repair, Maintenance, And Much More! Buy em, Repair em, Build em, Ride em, Sell em! Complete, Illustrated Online Bicycle Bicycle repair instruction and Maintenance guide for road bikes, mountain bikes, Bmx bikes , general bicycles, and even for fixing  recumbents!

Lowest Price Guarantee Here on all Thule and Yakima Racks. Although I have attempted to cover the major safety issues, I cannot be responsible for your use of this information. Working on bicycles is dangerous if you do it without considering consequences of bolts left loose, known problems which are ignored, things that should be replaced but are glued instead, and so on. Proceed carefully at your own risk and use common sense. However, buying a bike is actually pretty simple. It’s really that simple, but read on for the details.

First, Choose a Bike Shop You Like. It’s nice to establish a relationship with your bike shop. Plus, a good shop will fit you properly, show you how to operate your new bike, and help you get started biking. It’s a relationship kind of business.