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Beomaster 5000 service manual

By pressing ‘print’ beomaster 5000 service manual you will print only current page. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Don’t show me this message again. See, hear and feel, get the full experience the way it was meant to be.

All contents of this Website are Copyright. This is all published freely on the internet by us to further the scene, not to give any seller or forum ‘expert’ undeserved credibility. Tech related subjects plus opinion on Hi-Fi News 1970-1980 as we read through. We have tried many amplifiers because they interested us, see the ‘Top Amp Reviews’ page for all we’ve had, good or bad. Educated Gamble is a better way. So this page covers all Researched ones that were on the Brands pages of Old.

The Tone of this page isn’t too positive with attitude aplenty at being disappointed at what we see, it gives a raw view on things so it stays. This page gets amps reviewed solely by looking at their circuitry to see if we are interested in trying the amp. Ranging from 1950s Valve Amps of low spec to late 1980s Black Fascia Amplifiers that were falsely sold as Hifi or Audiophile items, hyped by Magazine Editors. Some real awful designs we see in most of the 1980s ones with the 1980-1990 era being the worst ever in Hifi History.

1967-77 era is The Golden Era for Hifi. THIS PAGE IS OUR OPINION, IT MAY NOT BE YOURS. Knowing how cost-cut so much Hifi was after 1974 makes it very hard to find anything good as most went into the Discount Stores. A lot of those we put “No” to are amps that others rate. Some are clearly unaware of the Huge Range of Hifi as we are. To be told an amp with an IC block for a Power Amp is “Great” shows their ignorance.

This page is us Researching Amps that catch the eye, often seeing the chance to get one on ebay etc. It’s written in a Blog Like way, initially so we’d not bother looking at the unliked Amp again, or remember one worth a try if in better condition. We aren’t concerned with Pleasing Everyone with our Opinionated Opinions. No need for certain spiky words to express disappointment with us explaining what we see is not to our taste. Some people will be Much Easier To Please, as was the General Public when these were bought. We’ll look at them in a similar manner as the rest of this page, if we can find the circuit diagrams we’ll write up our Opinion.

UPDATE: As of March 2016, we’ve not added an amp to this page in over a year. Any pre 1965 portable radio that’s not valves is Germaniums, our 1963 Decca doesn’t work right but a 1959 Ultra does. Added a quick rating at the start of each from Interesting, Average to No. Also ‘Outpriced’ for ones that sell beyond the value we see them as amplifiers, not collector items. Trio-Kenwood KA-1500 1975 30w amplifier looks smart but rubbish circuitry puts Tone stage after the power amp. Seen this with cheap modern amps, unusual in 1975.

Sony STR 6040 1969 22w version of the superior STR-6050. Tape In isn’t straight in either. Beware there is a 117v only model plus a multivoltage. One seller reckons it’s a 1965 model, not so, if the early ones in brochures have the 1965-68 brown levers which don’t appear to be on the sold versions. Saba Studio II 1965 8w receiver. These are rare in the UK so to have a look. Details show every transistor is a UK-EU Germanium so unlikely it’ll work as these Germaniums age badly, ‘tin whiskers’ grow inside the unsealed cases.