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Bcc950 pdf

The Marine Radio Who Makes This Bcc950 pdf Up? Environment Canada WX channels WX1 thru WX7.

Like most other places in the world, Canada has dedicated many of these channels to specific uses. More importantly, there are additional restrictions as to what these frequencies may be used for by the area of Canada you are in. For the non-Canadian boater, this is where it can get confusing. Complete List of Canadian VHF Frequencies and Usage Updated to reflect new VHF frequencies as of 01 January 2017.

Canadian Coast Guard only in BCC area. EC, NL, AC, GL, WC, BCC, Inl. May be used for search and rescue communications between ships and aircraft. Also assigned for intership in the Lake Winnipeg area. May be used to communicate with aircraft and helicopters in predominantly maritime support operations. May also be used for communications with aircraft engaged in coordinated search and rescue and antipollution operations.

Port operations and pilot information and messages. Port operations and Ship Movement – BCC area. All operations limited to 1 watt maximum power. May also be used for on-board communications. May also be used for on board communications.