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Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company headquartered in Stockholm. 4G mobile atlas copco ga 110 manual pdf infrastructure market in 2012.

This section needs additional citations for verification. Lars Magnus Ericsson began his association with telephones in his youth as an instrument maker. He worked for a firm that made telegraph equipment for the Swedish government agency Telegrafverket. Also in 1878, local telephone importer Numa Peterson hired Ericsson to adjust some telephones from the Bell Telephone Company. Ericsson had a scholarship at Siemens a few years earlier.

Ericsson became a major supplier of telephone equipment to Scandinavia. Stockholm’s telephone network expanded that year and the company reformed into a telephone manufacturer. When Bell bought the biggest telephone network in Stockholm, it only allowed its own telephones to be used with it. Ericsson’s equipment was sold mainly to free telephone associations in the Swedish countryside and in other Nordic countries. The prices of Bell equipment and services led Henrik Tore Cedergren to form an independent telephone company called Stockholms Allmänna Telefonaktiebolag in 1883.