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Arcam avr200 pdf

Arcam AVR200 Handbook Surround sound receiver. Page 2: Safety Guidelines, Safety Instructions, Safety Compliance This product has been designed to meet the EN60065 solvents for cleaning. We do not arcam avr200 pdf the use of furniture cleaning sprays or polishes as they can cause indelible white marks if the unit is subsequently wiped with a damp cloth.

Page 3: Table Of Contents Safety guidelines with the equipment is also described. Safety instructions It may be that the AVR200 has been installed and set up as Safety compliance part of your system installation by a qualifi ed Arcam dealer. This should be attached to the AM Antenna inputs with sockets on the AVR200’s back panel. Page 5: Connecting Inputs, Interconnect Cables This product does not feature a Phono input stage. If you wish to connect a turntable to your AVR200 you will need to use DVD input an in-line phono pre-amp. GROUND LIFT REMOTE CONTROL INPUT This input is connected to the output of an infrared receiver.

The remote control input is usually used in custom installations. Ask your dealer or custom installer for further details. When using a coaxial digital input, the signal is passed through the AVR200 with no changes. Page 9: Channel Balance, Channel Delays SAVE AND EXIT provide a balanced sound from the listening position. To help set this balance, the AVR200 can generate a test tone that plays an identical signal through each channel in turn.