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Aprilia tuono manual pdf

APRILIA RSV 1000 TUONO R on manualslib. Page 4: Table Of Contents Aprilia tuono manual pdf THE VEHICLE ON THE REAR LUBRICANT CHART.

LOCKING THE PASSENGER SUPPORT STAND . 67 WIRING DIAGRAM RSV 1000 TUONO R . Page 6: Basic Safety Rules Most road accidents are caused by the rider’s lack of experience. Page 7 : n u m b e r p l a t e , d i r e c t i o n indicators, lights and horns. Any modification of the vehicle will result in the invalidity of the guarantee. Page 8: Clothing, Accessories Make sure that the equipment is well fastened to the vehicle and not dangerous during driving. Page 9: Load , i n o r d e r t o r e d u c e unbalance to the minimum.

Page 14: Instruments And Indicators Table When the ignition key is turned to ” ” with the engine stopped, all warning lights come on for a LED check-up and go out after two seconds. If one or more warning lights do not come on at this stage, contact an aprilia Authorised Dealer. Description Function Indicates the number of revolutions of the engine per minute. Page 15 SERVICE” appears during normal engine operation, CAUTION it means that the ECU or the instrument panel have detected a failure. 2 -MENU When reserve km indication is active, it replaces the odometer.

Page 18 SETTINGS page can be accessed. Page 21 TIME menu to read the stored lap times. DELETE TIMES This function deletes the acquired lap times. Once the operation is over, the display goes back to LAP TIMER menu. Page 22: Service Interval, Alarm Display, Key Controls High priority: engine overtemperature, Service Centres carry out the necessary is a failure. Page 23: Key Controls, Controls On The Right Side Of The Handlebar W h e n t h e s t a r t e r b u t t o n ” ” i s pressed, the starter motor will crank the Press the switch to turn off the direction engine. For the starting procedure, see indicator.